Вакансія Lead Generation Manager, Миколаїв. Пошук роботи в Миколаєві - Робота Lead Generation Manager (Bliscore). Шукаю роботу в Миколаєві.

Мінімум раз в житті кожної людини цікавить пошук роботи. І, незважаючи на те, що робота в Миколаєві є завжди, багато хто не знає, де її шукати і куди йти працювати. Що вибрати - вакансії в Миколаєві в невеликих фірмах або ж здійснювати пошук роботи в корпораціях? Що краще: робота в Миколаєві або виїхати в інше місто або навіть країну? Питань багато, тому ласкаво просимо на портал, орієнтований на пошук роботи і вакансій, а також розміщення резюме в Миколаєві!

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Вакансія: Lead Generation Manager (в Миколаїв)

  • Дата додавання:
  • Зарплата:10000 грн
  • Місто:Львів
  • Бажана Освіта:не має значення
  • Досвід роботи:бажано
  • Графік роботи:повний робочий день

Загальна інформація про вакансію

<p> <strong><br /></strong></p> <p><strong>We are looking for a Lead Generation Manager.</strong></p> <p><strong>BLISCORE</strong> is looking for a Lead generation manager for our team of creative and energetic employees who strive to provide the best customer service every day.<br />Our meeting generators act as brand ambassadors to our partner companies, answering customers' questions about our products and services and then encouraging them to schedule a meeting to evaluate those services. The ideal candidate for this role will love to involve people in the conversation and will be guided by bonuses and incentives.<br />Join us and discover a work experience where a variety of ideas meet with enthusiasm and where you can learn and develop your potential.<strong><br />Required skills:</strong><br />- Intermediate level of English;<br />- Good problem-solving skills and critical thinking<br />- Time management skills and initiative;<strong><br />It will be a plus:</strong><br />- Experience in outbound sales / generating leads<br />- Knowledge in the management of potential customers using CRM-system<br />- Understanding the IT market;<br />- Understanding KPI measurement.<strong><br />Responsibilities:</strong><br />- Search for potential customers on LinkedIn or Upwork channels<br />- Research, track, support, and update potential customers;<br />- Process incoming requests from potential customers;<br />-Enter and maintain information in the company's CRM;<br />-Perform the role of ambassador for business;<br />- Close cooperation with the sales manager;<br />- Inform potential customers about our company, brand, and services.<br />- Build relationships with colleagues and clients.<br />- Work professionally with customers, always in line with the values ??of our brand.<br />- That service was fast, polite, and also in the observance of professional standards.<strong><br />We offer:</strong><br />- A culture that encourages and promotes professional growth and development<br />- You will become the second member of the team in our sales department, which provides a lot of opportunities to influence many business processes<br />- Friendly work environment;<br />- Completely remote teamwork with well-established remote workflows.<br />Are you ready to develop your career and grow in an international team? It's time to apply! Or tell a friend about this post :).</p>

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